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Jewish Care is committed to providing you with the highest quality services. If you are a client of Jewish Care, a family member, carer, volunteer, supplier or member of the wider community and would like to tell us about any aspect of our work, we want to hear from you.

We welcome your feedback in relation to our services, enabling us to continually improve these services and ensure that we are meeting your needs. Any feedback you provide, will not adversely affect the level of care you or your loved one receives from Jewish Care. You may also provide feedback anonymously, however we cannot keep you informed on the progress or outcome of the Your Say feedback you have submitted.

Your feedback enables us to constantly improve the quality of our services to you.

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About Jewish Care

Jewish Care's vision, purpose and values underpin who we are and what we stand for in our desire to support the Jewish community of Victoria.

  • One clear vision
  • Our purpose
  • Our values
  • Our focus

Together, building and supporting a healthy, resilient and inclusive Jewish community.

Delivering excellent care and support, underpinned by Jewish values for the community we serve.

Jewish Care's values are universal and enduring in nature

But are also particular to the Jewish approach to creating a meaningful life and a strong, cohesive community.

Our values define who we are and underpin everything we do. They pervade every aspect of our organisation, informing relationships amongst colleagues, between staff and clients and between our organisation and the wider community. Our foundational values are about people - they provide a moral compass for the way we respond to challenges and the decisions we make.

Respect - derech eretz

Through client services and program excellence, we treat everyone with consideration and decency and will always act for the good of society.

Community - kehilla

Working together to strengthen our community, to build and support the capacity and resilience of individuals and families.

Inclusion - hachlala

We embrace diversity and work together for a just and equitable society.

Social Responsibility - achrayoot chevratit

Behaving ethically, with sensitivity and acting in the best interests of all.

Jewish Care Victoria belongs to the community

each of us owners and stakeholders. With ownership comes responsibility. We each play a role in ensuring the care of those in most need. The strength of our community is in our diversity and in our togetherness - young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick, religious and unaffiliated. Together we are one. 

Jewish Care's vision speaks to all of us, not just the vulnerable. Through the delivery of the highest quality of care coupled with real choices and real options, we will transform Jewish Care from a provider of necessity to a provider of choice.
First choice for community support.

Jewish Care History

Celebrating 175 years

This year marks Jewish Care’s 175th Anniversary. In 1848, the first meeting of the Melbourne Jewish Philanthropic Society was held at the Rainbow Tavern in Swanston Street to support new Jewish immigrants arriving in Melbourne.

Our milestone anniversary is an opportunity to acknowledge our founders and predecessor organisations who have played a significant role in supporting our community over the last 175 years.

The Foundations

In 1848, visionaries in our community established the foundations of Jewish Care with the establishment of the Melbourne Jewish Philanthropic Society to provide assistance to those in need. The entire Jewish population of Victoria numbered only 200.

As wave after wave of migrants established their home here, Jewish Care, together with the community, continued to grow and to evolve, responding to the changing needs and aspirations of those it served with the founding of the Australian Jewish Welfare Society in 1938.

View a chronological history of Jewish Care and its predecessor organisations.

Jewish Care historical images

Strategic direction - Six strategic pillars

With strategic focus, Jewish Care will continue to respond to challenges by raising the bar in terms of professionalism, innovation, agility and responsiveness, to capitalise on opportunities to deliver sustainable, quality services to our community.

1 Our Jewish Ethos
Everything we do embodies the spirit and cultural aspects of Jewish life. To purposefully live our Jewish values and to be responsive, respectful and inclusive of the unique and diverse needs of the Jewish community.
2 Our Clients
Delivering outstanding client experiences, creating value through service coordination and case management.
Embracing a client centric service underpinned by the principles of Choice, Accessibility, Relationships, Independence, Evidence-based, Advocacy and Diversity.
3 Our Products and Partnerships
Relevant, innovative, evidence-based programs supported by genuine community partnerships that enhance access to quality services for all people within the Jewish community. Facilities that are convenient, efficient and provide the basis for leading edge service provision.
4 Our People
Supporting a vibrant, professional, contemporary environment where people with passion and initiative thrive. Attracting and invest in the best and brightest.
5 Our Systems and Sustainability
Efficient and effective processes and systems that enable quality service provision and accountability. Ensuring financial sustainability that will secure future delivery of vital services.
6 Our Reputation and Brand
To position our brand to be top of mind in the Jewish community for service provision, giving and volunteering. To ensure repute, relevance and engagement in our immediate and broader communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

The strength of our community is in our diversity and in our togetherness. Together we are one.

Jewish Care Board of Governance

Jewish Care's Board provides quality governance, guidance and ongoing assessment and review. Meet the people who sit on our Board.

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Jewish Care Executive team

Who's who in management. The Jewish Care Executive team ensure that the organisation is performing at its best. A dynamic group with exceptional skills, qualifications and leadership qualities.

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