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Diversity & Inclusion

Rainbow Tick

In 1848, leaders in our community met at the Rainbow Tavern on Swanston Street and established the organisation that we know today as Jewish Care Victoria.

With more than 170 years of rich and diverse history behind us, we now look towards another rainbow and how that can support our commitment to building an inclusive community – this time a Rainbow Tick.

The Rainbow Tick is a national accreditation program for organisations that are committed to safe and inclusive practice, and service delivery, for people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Intersex (LGBTI+). The accreditation program supports organisations to understand and implement LGBTI+ safe and inclusive service delivery and provides national recognition for those that meet the Standards.  

The 6 Rainbow Tick Standards are:

  1. Organisational capability - the organisation embeds LGBTI+ inclusive practice across all its systems and continuously seeks opportunities for improvements.
  2. Workforce development - all staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities to LGBTI+ consumers and are trained and able to deliver LGBTI-inclusive services.
  3. Consumer participation - LGBTI+ consumers are consulted about, and participate in the planning, development, and review of the service.
  4. A welcoming and accessible organisation - LGBTI+ consumers can easily and confidently access services because the physical and virtual environments, including information, structures, resources and processes, are welcoming.
  5. Disclosure and documentation - LGBTI+ consumers, staff and volunteers feel safe to provide personal information, including their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or intersex status, because they know information will be treated respectfully and that there are systems in place to ensure their privacy.
  6. Culturally safe and acceptable services - services and programs identify, assess, analyse and manage risks to ensure the cultural safety of LGBTI+ consumers.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 10 Australians identity as being either lesbian, gay, bisexual, or gender diverse
  • There are as many people in our community with an intersex variation as there are people with red hair
  • Having an intersex variation simply means a person was born having the physical and/or biological features of both male and female sexes
  • Being trans/gender diverse means a person’s gender identity/expression differs from the sex assigned at birth – traditionally only ever being male or female (a gender binary)
  • She/her/her and he/him/his are not the only pronouns people use – they/them/theirs is also used, by people who identify as being gender diverse or gender non-binary
  • Recognising, respecting, and advocating for LGBTI+ rights does not take away any of your own rights
  • Inclusive communities are more resilient and harmonious than those that are not

Why is Jewish Care continuing its work as a Rainbow Tick-accredited organisation?

Our real commitment is to create a more inclusive organisation and community, and not just for people who identify as LGBTI+..

Jewish Care firmly believes our community is stronger when we are together and rejoices in the rich and colourful diversity within our community. People who are LGBTI+ have the same right to access services as anyone else within the community. However, not everyone understands or responds well to the needs of LGBTI+ people. For some LGBTI+ people, the experience of being excluded or discriminated against can contribute directly to poorer health and well-being. As an organisation we continue to support the needs of our LGBTI+ community members and staff by continuing to foster relationships with the LGBTI+ community, other service providers and organisations, and the community at large. The Rainbow Tick accreditation is an important recognition of the efforts and focus our organisation places, on ensuring that we meet our commitments. Jewish Care is extremely proud of this recognition.

For more information about Jewish Care’s commitment to LGBTI+ inclusion, or the Rainbow Tick Accreditation work that is currently underway, please contact our LGBTI+ Liaison Officer on 8517 5611 or email at [email protected]

Pledge of Support for LGBTI

On Thursday 30 August, Jewish Care Victoria and nine other faith-based organisations came together to pledge commitment to inclusivity for all LGBTIQ people who seek services.

Co-hosted by Jewish Care and Temple Beth Israel, the historic event was attended by CEOs and representatives of participating organisations, all of which are part of the Faith-Based Service Provider Network. Watch the video below and click to read the full press release.

Read the Statement by Faith-Based Religious Organisations.

It's okay to be gay

In November 2019, Jewish Care and the Jewish Commuity Council of Victoria (JCCV) submitted a jointly-drafted position paper to the Victorian State Government’s Department of Justice and Community Safety, in response to their request for community consultation on LGBTI+ 'Conversion Practices - Legislative Option to Implement a Ban'.

We proudly submitted a paper firmly detailing our position that these practices are deeply psychologically and emotionally harmful, ineffective and lacking credible scientific research, and a fundamental breach of a person’s human rights. Our two organisations believe it is perfectly okay to be gay, are committed to diversity and inclusivity, and support laws to ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy practices.

Useful Resources

LGBTI+ Information 

Rainbow Health Victoria: Supporting LGBTI+ health and wellbeing 
ACON: LGBTI+ health and HIV prevention and support 
PFLAG: Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays 
Minus 18: Education and advocacy for LGBTI+ youth 
The Rainbow Door: Connects LGBTI+ people with a range of services 
Switchboard: Peer-driven support for LGBTI+ people, their families, allies and wider community 
Thorne Harbour Health: Serves the health needs of LGBTI+ people 

Mental Health 

Head to Health: Guide to digital mental health services from some of Australia’s most trusted mental health organisations 
QLife: Counselling and referral service for LGBTI+ people 
Beyond Blue: For anyone feeling depressed or anxious 
headspace: Mental health service for ages 12 to 25 
ReachOut.com: Youth mental health service 
Lifeline: Support for anyone having a personal crisis 
Suicide Call Back Service: For anyone thinking about suicide 

Jewish LGBTI+ Community 

Aleph: Social, support and advocacy group for LGBTI+ people living in Melbourne with a Jewish heritage 
Keshet: Provides advocacy, support and education to help build inclusivity for Jewish LGBTI+ people 
Jewish Lesbian Group of Victoria: Activism group for Jewish lesbians 
Rosh Pinah: An affirming Orthodox Jewish network for LGBTI+ people 
Jewmos: Jewish LGBTI+ activism group