COVID-19 Helpline

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You are not alone.
Call 8517 5555 for support.

The Jewish Care Victoria COVID-19 Helpline is here to assist and support those in the Victorian Jewish community impacted by the coronavirus.

Call 8517 5555 on Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 5:30pm if you are, as a result of the coronavirus:

  • Experiencing emotional distress and worry,
  • Finding yourself social isolated,
  • Experiencing financial hardship,
  • Losing your connection to community and are in need of a helping hand to run errands and collect groceries.

Jewish Care is the largest service provider within the Victorian Jewish community and has a range of services and supports that can be accessed at this time of community and global crisis. We also have volunteers willing to lend a helping and caring hand.

In addition, we are working collaboratively with a range of other charitable organisations within our community to ensure the need of those most vulnerable can be met.
By pooling resources from around the community and working together we can provide you with the support you need.

Jewish Care is delighted to be partnering with the Erdi Foundation, Spotlight Foundation, Victor Smorgon Charitable Trust, Gandel Philanthropy and Besen Family Foundation assist and support those in the Jewish community of Victoria who have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus.

You are not alone.

Call 8517 5555 on Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 5:30pm, or complete the form below and one of our professional and qualified staff will contact you within 1 business day.

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