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Support for Job Seekers

The Employment Centre is a professional employment service assisting people in the Jewish community with job seeking skills and providing opportunities to find the right job.

Our team of qualified, experienced and professional employment consultants and trainers work closely with job seekers to develop their job seeking skills, access appropriate and targeted training and assist them before and after job placement.

We also assist employers across a wide range of industries to recruit quality staff to meet organisational needs.

We are experts in securing employment opportunities sensitive to Jewish cultural and religious practices as well as building relationships with disability employment providers, with the aim of developing vocational and employment pathways for people with disability.

By offering short and accredited courses, career advice, job readiness training opportunities, job seeking skill development and access to an extensive network of employer partnerships, we aim to deliver secure rewarding employment, leading to self-fulfilment and independence.

Services offered to job seekers include:

  • job search skills workshops
  • advice on resume and cover letter writing
  • interview preparation
  • career counselling
  • referrals to other training, education and recruitment services.
  • ongoing professional case management or volunteer mentoring
  • ongoing contact
  • access to Jobs Victoria as a partner
  • NDIS approved employment assist provider
  • knowledge and connections to government employment services

To register as a job seeker with Jewish Care, please complete this online form.

Service for employers includes:

  • job splitting or customised job development
  • advertising space on the Jewish Care website
  • advertising through social media including online community notice boards
  • post placement support for the placement of disadvantaged job seekers
  • knowledge of the availability of employer subsidies

Click here to view our current available jobs in the community.

Job readiness tips:

Download these handy "How to" resources to help you present your best self to a prospective employer:

Help with Job Seeking from the Jobs Victoria Programme


Jewish Care’s Employment Centre is proud to be a partner of Jobs Victoria.

You can get tailored help with your job seeking if you are unemployed call us on 8517 5999 or email [email protected]  to see if you qualify.

Click on this link to find out how the Jewish Cares Job’s Victoria programme can help you.  




Brochure - The Employment Centre

Brochure - The Employment Centre

A Guide to Facilitating Education and Training of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community

A Guide to Facilitating Education and Training of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community