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Holocaust Survivors Advisory Committee (HSAC)

It is the Claims Conference requirement for Jewish Care Victoria to set up HSAC and consult with its members regarding the oversight, implementation and expenditure determination of the Claims Conference Grants administered annually by Jewish Care Victoria. HSAC provides a voluntary forum for consultation with elected representatives.  
The intention of the HSAC is to involve representatives of the Holocaust survivors’ community, as well as representatives of the wider Jewish community to provide guidance and feedback to Jewish Care Victoria regarding the expenditure, compliance and reporting processes for Grant monies and for Jewish Care Victoria to provide transparency regarding the allocation and distribution of funds to Holocaust survivors in the most equitable and agreed to manner by the members of HSAC. 
There is a working HSAC at Jewish Care Victoria consisted of some Holocaust survivors and representatives of different organisations such as the Child Survivors of the Holocaust Melbourne Group and the Jewish Holocaust Centre.
There are currently vacant positions in HSAC and we encourage everyone interested to apply. Please find below more details about HSAC membership:


  • Each member of HSAC is a volunteer without remuneration.
  • Each member of the HSAC must be registered as a volunteer with Jewish Care Victoria and apply for a Police Check (accessible online and paid by JCV). 
  • If the HSAC member is a client of Jewish Care Victoria, or a relative of a client of Jewish Care Victoria, receiving services funded by Claims Conference, the Conflict of Interest Form has to be completed by a member. 
  • Each HSAC member must sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 
  • If a member of HSAC does not attend for three consecutive meetings, a written request will be forwarded by JCV to the applicant asking them to reaffirm their interest. Should the HSAC member decline to continue or not respond to this request, the outcome will be they will lose their position on HSAC. 
  • An HSAC member will be appointed for a term of 3 years. Membership can be renewed for another term of 3 years via the application process listed below.

HSAC members’ requirements

  • A member has to be either a Holocaust survivor or have experience working with Holocaust survivors
  • The base requirement it is intermediate English 
  • Availability to meet during the year (at least once per quarter) and respond to urgent requests via email

Application process
Applicants must complete a Registration Form and email it to the Chair of HSAC.  Completed Registration Forms will be collated by the HSAC Chair and Divisional Manager of Community Aged Care at Jewish Care Victoria and forwarded to all HSAC members for review and approval. HSAC members will vote for successful candidates. 

Probation period 
A newly appointed HSAC member will need to pass a probation period of three meetings (9 months if quarterly) before a permanent position is offered. 
A confidential vote, without the probationary applicant present, will take place at the end of the 3rd meeting. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of HSAC, please contact Hanna Muzhanova on (03) 8517 5759 or via email [email protected]