Yesod - Board Foundation Program

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Building a new generation of leaders

Yesod is Hebrew for 'foundations'. This is a 10 - month program - commencing in February 2023 - to prepare a new generation of leaders to be the ‘foundations’ of the Jewish community.

Jewish Care is proud to partner with The Observership Program to broaden participants’ exposure to aspiring non-executive directors in the not-for-profit sector.

Any queries about the Jewish Care Yesod Board Foundations Program please email [email protected]




We are indebted to the Szalmuk Singer family and Shelley Kline and Adam Joel for making the program possible with their generous support.

Yesod opened my eyes to the complex mix of skills, personality and experience that is needed to effectively govern a NFP board and opened doors to opportunities that I could never have otherwise accessed this early on in my career. I’m incredibly grateful to Jewish Care for providing this opportunity to me personally and for encouraging NFP directorship in the Jewish community as a whole.                                                                                   - Hanna Hammerschlag, 2020 Yesod Particpant

The Yesod Program Components

Training is provided to participants though Jewish Care’s partnership with The Observership Program, who have collaborated with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and The Ethics Centre to provide a customised training program*.

The program encompasses subject areas essential to not-for-profit governance, and participants are provided with a solid understanding of the professional duties and responsibilities of not-for-profit board directors. Participants will be learning about strategy and risk, the Aged Care sector and Ethics (100% attendance required).    

High profile guest speakers are invited to contribute at training sessions.

*The training provided is a component of a wider accredited program offered by the AICD.

The Yesod Program Commitment

  • attendance at selected Jewish Care Board and Board Sub-Committee meetings to gain firsthand experience of governance structures and processes alongside witnessing the dynamics of board leadership on a not-for-profit board;
  • one-on-one mentoring with a Jewish Care board director;
  • participation in Chatham House sessions with applauded keynote speakers and a speed networking event with community NFP organisations; and
  • attendance at a Debrief and graduation event.

All sessions and meetings take place outside business hours.


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