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Take a break with us.

Residential respite, also known as short-term care, is support available for you and your carer in a home away from home. It is designed to give carers some time off while providing the person they care for with continued support and accommodation.

Some people go into residential respite on a temporary basis to give themselves or their loved ones a break and time to recharge. Others enter respite temporarily for a trial period to decide whether they will want to live there permanently. Short-term rehabilitation may also be provided in our residential homes.

Whatever the reason, Jewish Care can accommodate you when you need a short-term home away from home. If you or your carer are looking for temporary arrangements to meet your support and accommodation needs, we are here for you.

Respite can benefit you and your carer

Residential respite care may be the solution for you if:

  • You have recently fallen ill and temporarily need more support than can be provided at home.
  • You need rest and temporary clinical support after an operation or hospital stay.
  • Your carer has recently become ill, or is planning to have medical treatment that will make it difficult for them to care for you.
  • Your carer has been invited to attend a celebration or event, is planning a holiday, or simply needs some well-deserved rest and relaxation.
  • You would like to return home feeling stronger and re-energised by following our physiotherapy, exercise, and nutritional programs.
  • Basic care fee $54.69 per day


Our residential respite services are available at our three luxurious homes in Carnegie, Caulfield and Windsor.

For more information about residential respite at Jewish Care, please contact Jessica Suraci on 0472 592 101 ([email protected]) or fill in the form below to receive a call back.


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