New Andrew Rogers Sculpture Unveiled at Jewish Care

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12 June 2020

When Jewish Care first approached internationally recognised artist and long-time supporter of Jewish Care, Andrew Rogers, about creating a sculpture for the Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building more than two years ago, not only did Rogers agree, but committed to creating something ‘worthwhile and truly significant’. The end result is the recently installed and unveiled, ‘To Be’.

Cast in bronze, the seven-metre tall sculpture adorns the forecourt of the newly opened Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building located in the Holckner Family Senior Living & Community Precinct on Punt Road, Windsor.

Weighing in at 3.5 tonnes and the height of a two-and-a-half storey building, the sheer scale of ‘To Be’ is impressive and in the landscape of the nine storey Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building, the magnificent sculpture feels right at home.

In discussing his motivation for creating ‘To Be’ for Jewish Care, Rogers said; “Jewish Care is vital to the community. I really think that it’s the community’s responsibility to have an organisation to care for everyone in the community who needs it and that’s what Jewish Care does.”

“For me, part of my motivation was creating something that people enjoy being involved with; for residents or visitors. ‘To Be’ is an optimistic symbol. It differentiates the new building and gives it an extra element for people to notice and engage with.”
“It’s a pleasure to be associated with Jewish Care and the Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building. The new building is a great achievement for the community and something to be very proud of,” continued Rogers.

Rogers’ artist statement for the piece further reveals the intention and significance of ‘To Be’, saying:

‘To Be’ is a metaphor for the relationship between the individual and society. It is the individual that makes our world a place of justice and compassion however there is an inseparable relationship between the singular and the communal.
‘To Be’ is about the interconnection of humanity. It reflects my desire to build a bridge through art - across individuals, across generations, and across cultures.
‘To Be’ underscores our important role as caretakers with responsibilities to those around us and those who will follow. We receive the consequences created by our predecessors. In turn we leave a consequence for our descendants. It is a catalyst for all to consider our interconnected lives and the values that shape our lives and our collective future.”

Reflecting on the significance of ‘To Be’, Jewish Care CEO Bill Appleby said;
“At Jewish Care, we understand that visual arts are an important way we share our collective and individual histories. Our Art Committee works to ensure that we carefully curate appropriate artworks for display in our residential homes and services, and that these represent our Jewish and organisational identities in contemporary and engaging ways.”

‘To Be’ celebrates life and is the perfect embodiment of why Jewish Care exists; to enrich lives in the Victorian Jewish community.”

“As well as being a distinguished and award-winning contemporary artist, Andrew is a great friend and long-time supporter of Jewish Care,” continued Appleby. “I would like to extend my sincere thanks for his extraordinary generosity to the community and commitment to Jewish Care.”

 “We are delighted to have collaborated with Andrew to be able to offer our community and local neighbourhood a striking sculpture that would be at home in any gallery around the world.”

‘To Be’ stands proudly on the corner of Union Street and Punt Road, Windsor in the forecourt of the newly opened Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building.  Jewish Care and Andrew Rogers hope it brings joy and reflection to the Jewish community, the wider public of the surrounding suburbs, and the tens of thousands who drive along Punt Road every day.

'To Be' Gallery