Leo Fink Court Gets a Facelift

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1 June 2018

Jewish Care is grateful to the Leo and Mina Fink Fund for their very generous donation towards the refurbishment of our community housing in East St Kilda.

Forty five years since its original development, 27 units are being upgraded to current standards of ergonomics with new safety, security and energy efficient features fitted for more comfortable living. The refurbishment is planned in a staged approach, focusing on a few units at a time to ensure minimal disruption to our housing tenants.  

Jewish Care spoke to two of Leo and Mina Fink's grandchildren, Deborah Golvan and Alex Freiberg, who explained their decision to support the refurbishment of the Court.

Deborah explains, “We feel it is our duty to carry on our grandparents’ project from over 40 years ago that is still benefiting the community. They taught us the value of volunteering and philanthropy. I have personally found that giving time and money to organisations that are doing important work has provided us with a sense of purpose and community involvement. Hopefully, these things are making the world a better place.”

Alex went on to add, "All the things we do to stay ahead in current society are really quite selfish. Volunteering time and funds is a way to balance the moral compass."

They also appreciated the role Jewish Care plays in supporting the community. “Jewish Care programs touch everyone in the community, not just the elderly. The care they provide for the vulnerable in our community through services such as counselling and case management to those assisted with housing is outstanding. You can see the tangible results of their work", Alex said.

"The precinct was named in honour of Leo Fink when originally built in the 1970s; even though Leo was not keen on having his name attached to actual projects, we wanted to perpetuate his memory", Deborah said.

Leo Fink Court was built in 1973 with the presumption that institutionalisation should be avoided wherever possible and that elderly people should be assisted to remain independent and to live in their own homes for as long as possible, whilst providing on-site supportive care when required. Leo and Mina Fink were both catalysts for Jewish welfare and in particular, work involving the resettlement of refugees fleeing Nazi Europe and Holocaust survivors. They presided over some of the largest Jewish organisations in Australia including the Australian Jewish Welfare and Relief Society, Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre and the National Council of Jewish Women raising funds for immigration programs and representing Australia at Jewish conferences.

Leo Fink Court