Jewish Care (Victoria) Inc. Annual General 2021 Meeting

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Jewish Care (Victoria) Inc. Annual General  Meeting  

Jewish Care (Victoria) Inc. held its 2021 Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2021.  

Jewish Care is delighted that Dr John Zelcer was elected and Ms Susie Ivany  OAM, Prof. Sharon Goldfeld, and Mr Michael Schoenfeld were re-elected to  the Jewish Care Board.  

Jewish Care thanked retiring Director and Assistant Treasurer, Mr Frank  Ajzensztat for his nine years of committed leadership and dedication to the  community. 

Guest speaker, Mr Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians  highlighted some important understandings from the report he issued in  November 2020, ‘Ageing Well in a Changing World’. As a highly respected and  passionate advocate for the needs of senior Victorians, he shared his expertise  and insights into issues relevant to our ageing positively in our community. Gerard went on to say “I congratulate Jewish Care on their amazing  commitment to provide the best possible care and support to all their clients  and residents during what will go down as one of the most challenging years  for the aged care sector in Victoria.” 

The Leo and Mina Fink Community Service Award was presented to the profoundly deserving Delysia Payhoff OAM. Each year this award is presented to a volunteer who has made an exceptional contribution and lasting impact to the areas of fundraising, community development or enhancing the brand and reputation of Jewish Care in the community. 

“As the founder and leader of the Friends of Montefiore Committee for over  38 years, Delysia has made an outstanding contribution in furthering Jewish  Care’s vision of building and supporting a healthy, resilient and inclusive Jewish community. Delysia’s tireless work with Jewish Care over the many years, has had a tangible and meaningful impact on the lives so many of our clients and elders”, said Bill Appleby, Chief Executive Officer. 

In accepting the service award, Delysia Payhoff OAM said “I feel so honoured and humbled to receive this prestigious award and I am so happy to have my daughter Debra here with me tonight. My family are so proud of me and that  gives me great nachas too.”

Jewish Care farewelled and thanked outgoing Chief Executive Officer, Bill  Appleby, for his 12 years of dedicated service. As highlighted by President  Susie Ivany OAM, “Bill’s unwavering commitment and ethical stewardship has  led to an extremely exciting journey of transformation and evolution for the  organisation.” 

Building on Bill’s legacy will be Jewish Care’s in-coming CEO, Adjunct Professor  Alan Lilly. Alan has had vast experience as an executive and chief executive for almost twenty years in both the public health service and private aged care organisations.  

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