COVID-19 outbreaks in NSW and related visitor restrictions

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21 December 2020

As a result of the growing outbreak of COVID-19 in NSW, new staff and visitor screening requirements have been put in place at Jewish Care.

The Public Health Unit of the Department of Health and Human Services has categorised the Greater Sydney Area and the Central Coast of New South Wales as an area of higher risk for COVID-19 transmission.

Residential aged care facilities must now ensure screening for visitors and staff who have lived in or visited the Greater Sydney Area or the Central Coast of New South Wales in the last 14 days.

Any staff member or visitor who has visited Greater Sydney Area or the Central Coast in the last 14 days will not be permitted to enter the home.

We understand that this may cause distress or disruption and would ask that if you know of anyone in these circumstances that you let us know so that we can seek to put in place alternative arrangements to support any contact we can.

We also ask that any member of the community that has recently arrived from NSW comply with the broader directives around testing and isolation/quarantining as they apply.

More broadly, Jewish Care asks that you do not attend our homes under any circumstances if you, a member of your household or a person with whom you have had close contact is unwell.

It is critical that you:

  • get tested if you have any signs or symptoms and isolate;
  • regularly wash or sanitise your hands;
  • wear a mask in circumstances where you cannot socially distance, especially indoors;
  • always use QR, sign in or other methods of recording your movements so that should you become exposed you can be rapidly identified and help stop the potential movement of the virus;
  • report any concerns immediately;
  • ask questions if unsure.