Jewish Care supports David Southwick MP's lead to ban display of hateful Nazi symbols

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10 March 2021

Jewish Care Victoria applauds and promotes the important work of David Southwick MP who is leading a ban on the display of vile and hateful Nazi symbols as part of a review of Victoria’s anti-vilification laws.

As the largest provider of support services for survivors of the Holocaust in the Southern Hemisphere, Jewish Care understands firsthand the trauma that these symbols continue to cause not only for survivors themselves, but also for their children, grandchildren and all Jewish people.

These symbols cause fear, distress and anxiety for members of many communities, and are acutely felt by those who live with a disability, identify as LGBTI+ or are from diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Jewish Care believes that the vilification of anyone is wrong. It is not in line with our values and we will speak out.

One of Jewish Care’s core values is respect – derech eretz. We state that very clearly. We treat everyone with consideration and decency and will always act for the good of society.

Bill Appleby, CEO of Jewish Care said “racial hatred is an ugly cancer in any community. There is a very clear difference between freedom of speech for robust discourse and speech intended to cause fear and incite hatred towards others. Key to this is visible leadership in banning Nazi symbols, and I am hopeful that the changes the MP for Caulfield Mr David Southwick seeks will contribute to a more harmonious community with less division and fear. I am proud to have signed the petition on behalf of Jewish Care. Never forget, never again. When we see evil, we must do something.”

Jewish Care’s work is enabled through its partnership with the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference). Based in Melbourne, we serve the largest population of survivors per capita outside of Israel. We are proud and privileged to assist survivors to live independently and age well, and continuously uphold the responsibility of continuing education on and remembering the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Jewish Care looks forward to providing ongoing support to David Southwick MP in his efforts to ensure the Victorian Legislative Assembly's bipartisan Legal and Social Issues Committee review recommendations are implemented.

David Southwick MP’s statement is available here.

David Southwick MP’s petition is available here.