A Current Affair program - aired on 19 November 2022

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19 November 2022


Statement from Adjunct Professor, Alan Lilly, Chief Executive

Community members may have seen coverage on A Current Affair, which aired on 19 November 2022, relating to Jewish Care’s Residential Home Windsor.

It is important for the community to have accurate information and a fuller context on this issue. 

A Current Affair’s story focused on our actions in response to some harmful and hurtful writing published by a resident, reflecting on her time at the home.

As community members will understand, we fully support residents recording their stories. However, in this case, we needed to act due to the damaging nature of the published writing.

The document contained names of some residents, their family members and staff. It made claims about deeply personal matters such as their mental capacity, gender identity, sexual orientation, personal hygiene and family background. This was done without their consent.

Being named without consent and having commentary published on such personal and sensitive matters caused significant anguish and hurt to the people involved and their loved ones. It also caused fear and concern to other residents at the home. 

We have never suggested that the resident may need to leave the home. We alerted the resident to the harm and grief caused and ask her to stop distributing her writing.

Among other things, we also asked for details of those who had received the document. We wanted to seek their cooperation in not further distributing the material, causing additional distress.

We are strongly encouraging members of the community and the media not to publish details of those whose privacy has been breached.

In line with our values, our concern at all times has been to support vulnerable residents and others harmed by the publication of this document. 

We are continuing to provide emotional support and assistance to the residents, their families and our staff who have been hurt. We are making sure that residents and staff understand that we will act to protect their right to feel safe in their home and workplace. Additionally, we are providing ongoing care and support to the resident who published the document.