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Visitation to Residential Aged Care – 29 October 2021


On Wednesday 27 October the Chief Health Officer of Victoria announced fundamental changes to visitations within residential aged care homes. These changes are most welcomed, nevertheless, must be applied cautiously.

Everyone is vulnerable to COVID-19, irrespective of vaccination status, especially our elders and those with compromised health. We ask all visitors to bear this in mind when considering coming into the homes to visit loved ones. Your awareness of your own health, and of potential contact with COVID-19, is a critical defence against COVID-19 entering our homes.

Jewish Care will be facilitating visitation in our residential aged care homes between 9am – 5pm daily for up to five visitors per elder. At this stage, we are only permitting fully vaccinated visitors to enter our homes.

Our commitment is to constantly review and modify these visitation procedures, moving towards full opening, including the welcoming of unvaccinated people, having regard to issues like; vaccination rates, spread within local areas, individual and collective concerns, booster programs, testing protocols and government regulation.

We understand that the imposition of any visitation procedure may be perceived by some as unfavorable. The same procedures may be simultaneously viewed as excessively permissive or restrictive. Jewish Care’s Board and Management have considered the moral, legal, and medical opinion in developing our visitation procedures and as stated we will continue to do so. As is always the case, our primary focus is the health and safety of our elders and staff.

We have and will continue to communicate and advise elders, families and staff regularly through this graduated program of visitation. We trust our community understands we act cautiously to manage risk and to enable the rigorous assessment of circumstances and the consequences of any action.

We understand these procedures may cause frustration or concern however we ask for respectful compliance and discussion. Threatening, abusive or non-compliant behavior will not be tolerated.

Jewish Care promotes and supports vaccination for those who can. We are proud of our advocacy and work to educate our staff and community to get vaccinated. We continue to encourage people to get vaccinated and we will actively support the imminent booster program commencing in the coming weeks.

Should you have any questions in relation to visiting someone in one of Jewish Care’s Residential Aged Care Homes please do not hesitate to contact the relevant home and speak with the Residence Manager.

Gary Smorgon House: 9209 1111 Residential Home Carnegie: 9117 3701 (the Smorgon Family Building) Residential Home Windsor: 8517 5700 (the Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building)