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10 July 2017

by Mia Singer

The letter below was sent to Jewish Care by 9 year old Mia Singer. Mia recently donated her birthday money to Jewish Care, specifically to our Housing Services. We share this letter with you to show that making a positive impact on your community can begin at any age.

At my school our unit has been NEEDS and WANTS. We have been learning the differences between needs and wants and how needs can be met in different ways. Like for example, a need is something that you can’t live without where as, a want is something that you can live without. Like saying, compare a toy to clean air, clean water, shelter, food and so on. You can definitely live without a toy but you definitely can’t live without the other things.

It was just before my 9th birthday when my mum was asking me what presents I wanted. I was thinking and thinking. I couldn’t think. I went blank! But then, I got it!

I should donate money to people who don’t have homes. After all, I’ve been learning about it at school and I really wanted to do something about it.

So Mum said that we could donate money to Jewish Care. About ten days after my birthday, my mum and I went to Jewish Care to give the money.

I got shown around Jewish Care with this amazing lady, Emma and amazing man, Bill. The showed me the art studio, the gym, where all the residents eat, the games that the residents play and a lot more. I really loved meeting all the people there. They were very nice indeed! They also looked very happy!

Jewish Care is a place where they help people who don’t have homes and people who need help in their lives. There are over 100 people who are living at Jewish Care.

After meeting all the residents there and learning about Jewish Care, I have realised that I am making a very big difference in the world.

Mia is pictured here with her mother Simone and receiving a certificate from CEO Bill Appleby.