Volunteering: The Unexpected Reward

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20 May 2020
By Errol Rink, volunteer

It’s early morning on a cold day as I enter another day in 'iso', as isolation is now called, and I am wondering what I should write about my years of volunteering at Jewish Care.

My highly efficient volunteer team, Hayley Bacher and Laura Marchese, have asked me to write an article about why I volunteer.

Well, it’s like this.

I have, over the years, always believed in giving back to society; we can’t always be taking. So I have been on numerous committees; be it shul, school, or fraternal organisations.

I have been volunteering with Jewish Care since 2012, and the unexpected 'reward' as a volunteer is the appreciation and encouragement given by all concerned. Not only from the volunteer team, but from the Elders themselves and lifestyle coordinators as well.

Some Elders have no family and have infrequent visits for various reasons. A friendly visit and chat with a volunteer goes a long way and brightens their day. To see the smiles on the Elders faces when I walk into the room to give my weekly ‘News and Views’ talks supersedes the effort I put into preparing for them and the applause encouraged by the lifestyle staff attending is always appreciated.

I encourage all to become a volunteer with Jewish Care - whether you are working or not. There are many aspects of volunteering and you too can make a difference by putting a bit of time in to the care of others.

Speak to Hayley or Laura on 8517 5777 to find out about volunteering with Jewish Care or email [email protected] today. They need you!