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  • Rabbi Ralph OAM Keeps Connected - Helen Keller was only 19 months old when she lost her sight and hearing due to an unknown illness. With the help of her extraordinary teacher, Anne Sullivan, she went on to become the first woman with deaf-blindness to at
  • Tuesday, 12 July 2022
    Rabbi Ralph OAM Keeps Connected - The lesson from the Jewish tradition is that the reality and inevitability of death can teach us how to live life more courageously and passionately!
  • Friday, 08 July 2022
    Rabbi Ralph OAM Keeps Connected - We live in a deeply polarised time, an us versus them environment; the complexities of life reduced to black and white, right and left.
  • Rabbi Ralph OAM Keeps Connected - Every day we are assailed by our emotions. There must be a thousand different emotions that we experience in a day!
  • Tuesday, 28 June 2022
    Though the pandemic has certainly not been easy for anyone, it is the frontline workers in particular - the medical practitioners, health care workers and aged care staff who continue to carry the heavy burden and emotional impacts of this public health