Gary Smorgon House Update 2 August

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2 August 2020

All 111 Elders of Gary Smorgon House have returned a NEGATIVE COVID-19 result.

To date we have received over 120 NEGATIVE test results for our staff. While we are still receiving results of staff testing it is critical to note that the vast majority of tests are in the home and no positive cases have been detected.

Words cannot express the pride we have for the Gary Smorgon House team who have consistently and continually demonstrated their commitment to the Elders' and their colleagues’ wellbeing. Their actions at work and in their personal lives help to stop the spread.

There is more to do, and we must maintain the vigilance but so far we have been tested and the Gary Smorgon House community remains positive.

Jewish Care will continue to work with DHHS over the coming 24 hours to plan the easing of restrictions within the home and we will keep Elders, families and staff aware of what’s going on.

To everyone who has sent us messages and comments of support, appreciation and encouragement by email and on social media, know that they are fondly received.