Strategic Direction

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Six strategic pillars

With strategic focus, Jewish Care will continue to respond to challenges by raising the bar in terms of professionalism, innovation, agility and responsiveness, to capitalise on opportunities to deliver sustainable, quality services to our community.

Our Jewish Ethos

Everything we do embodies the spirit and cultural aspects of Jewish life.
To purposefully live our Jewish values and to be responsive, respectful and inclusive of the unique and diverse needs of the Jewish community.

Our Clients

Delivering outstanding client experiences, creating value through service coordination and case management.
Embracing a client centric service underpinned by the principles of Choice, Accessibility, Relationships, Independence, Evidence-based, Advocacy and Diversity.

Our Products and Partnerships

Relevant, innovative, evidence-based programs supported by genuine community partnerships that enhance access to quality services for all people within the Jewish community. Facilities that are convenient, efficient and provide the basis for leading edge service provision.

Our People

Supporting a vibrant, professional, contemporary environment where people with passion and initiative thrive. Attracting and invest in the best and brightest.

Our Systems and Sustainability

Efficient and effective processes and systems that enable quality service provision and accountability. Ensuring financial sustainability that will secure future delivery of vital services.

Our Reputation and Brand

To position our brand to be top of mind in the Jewish community for service provision, giving and volunteering. To ensure repute, relevance and engagement in our immediate and broader communities.