Why I Volunteer

Why I Volunteer

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I believe we should care for the elderly in our community.

Ronit Lewis

I like to give back to my community and volunteering is the ultimate way to do that.

Miriam Gordon

I volunteer because it allows me to give back to the community and follow the career choice I am looking for.

Adi Kedmi

Volunteering at Jewish Care has been a very positive experience. Indeed when one gets to a certain age and paid work is no longer an option, to volunteer gives one a feeling of usefulness and I feel I get as much back as I give. There is the added joy of being in touch with lovely people, both the recipients and the staff, at Jewish Care. Thank you for including me.

Anne Korman

I chose to volunteer at Jewish Care because I love everything Jewish Care stands for. I love the reaction of the residents and being a part of something that helps others, when I tell my kids we're going to Mums and Bubs they say- 'we're going to make old people happy.

Sara Meadows

My volunteer work is not necessarily 'enjoyable', it is necessary, it is energy sapping but worthwhile. It's about bringing joy and happiness to others.

Henri Korn

What I love most about my Jewish Care volunteering is getting to know others and the family environment that exists within the active living centre.

Erika Hacker

I've had a long time admiration of Jewish Care....Jewish Care is a fantastic organisation that provides really good services to our community- we do really good stuff for people who need it.

Susie Ivany- Board Member

I volunteer because it feels good to know that I'm doing something useful to make someone happy.

Lev Levin

I chose to volunteer at Jewish Care because members of many communities need attention and assistance and I felt it important as a member of the Jewish community to give other members of it some of my time in offering 'moments of companionship' that so many rarely seem to get.

Louis Paykel

This organisation has a great sense of community. The people who I work with are very friendly and willing to help. Even though I have been volunteering for a short time, I feel as if everyone is like a small family. I made friends with the cleaner, for example. In terms of my work, I have enjoyed contributing. Sometimes if I have a question I feel comfortable asking it as the people in the department are approachable and personable. Also I have gained new skills in administration and never having worked in the area, it is an experience which could help me if I ever had another similar job. I look forward to continuing to work with Jewish Care.

Daniel Kraus

I believe in doing Mitzvahs!

Eshley Baker, Mckinnon Secondary Student

Recently I sold my business and approached Jewish care to find out what volunteer programs I could get involved in. When I heard about the holocaust program I knew this was what I was looking for. I was introduced to Hinda. What an incredible lady she is! We have spent many hours together documenting her life's story. It has been a heart wrenching & inspiring experience. I feel so privileged to have spent all this time with this wonderful woman who has been through more than is humanly conceivable. She has taught me so much about the human spirit and enriched my every day with a new appreciation for what we all take for granted. I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity and for the wonderful friendship we now share together. My sincerest gratitude goes to Jewish Care for what they have done for me and many other volunteers.

Marcelle Duhamel

I did not want to miss out on the once in a lifetime experience to personally meet Holocaust survivors and get to know their unique stories. It gives me a completely new insight into my country's dark history. It is an incredible experience – thanks for the opportunity Jewish Care!

Fabian Witt, Student from Germany.

I like volunteering because I like to help the community and it's a great experience too!

Berta Devenyine

There is a tremendous capacity to give of oneself, to make a difference to the world – one by one. It provides me with a sense of achievement and purpose. What would our life be worth, if not for leaving our fingerprints on society?

Ronnie Figdor, St Kilda Hebrew Congregation CEO and regular speaker at our Ethos Days

For many years I devoted time to beautify Montefiore Homes by sourcing artwork from local artists and the Australian Jewish Museum. This small contribution resulted in a great sense of pride for the residents and staff about their home and place of work.

Andrew Blode, CEO of the Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation, former Board Member and current member of our Development Subcommittee

I support my mentee to achieve his dreams, which is something money can't buy. I hope this mentoring cycle will continue through the generations, changing many more lives.

Gavin Port, Build-A-Bear CEO, Young Achievers Program Mentor

Every week I come to Gary Smorgon House together with my 2-year-old son to dance and play with the residents. This reminds me how special and important it is to be part of our community.

Zehavit Silverstein, Mums & Bubs Club facilitator at Gary Smorgon House

I started volunteering at Jewish Care's Telethons nine years ago. Since then, I've met many wonderful people supporting our community. Recently, whilst on the phone, one gentleman even offered me a job, but I refused: I am already busy assisting Jewish Care!

Jane Lothringer, Montefiore resident and Telethon volunteer

By volunteering at Jewish Care I learnt to be grateful for what I have and learnt the importance of being a good member
of the Jewish community.

Ellie Cohen, B'nei Mitzvah participant


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