Service Packages & Costs

Service Packages & Costs


Reputation, Commitment and Dedication

For many years, Jewish Care has maintained the highest reputation in aged care service. All our residences consistently receive perfect accreditation scores and - thanks to our professional, committed staff - are places of warmth and love. These outcomes reflect our ongoing dedication to providing the very best of care to all who need it.

We offer a two-tiered level of accommodation and service.

  • Traditional
  • Classic

*Note: Not all accommodation levels are available at all residences and are dependent on availability.


Traditional Package

The best of residential care where all of your needs are met. Traditional service is for clients with limited capacity to pay an accomodation payment and/or are solely reliant on the aged care pension. An example is a potential client with no substantial assets or savings. Many clients of this service are Australian pensioners and are assisted by the Commonwealth government to meet the costs of accommodation. This service package is offered at Gary Smorgon House, Montefiore Homes Community Residence and Smorgon Family Nursing Home.


Classic Package

The best of residential care where all of your needs are met, and the little extras taken care of. Classic service is for clients with the capacity to pay an accomodation payment and additional income which to pay for extra services. This service package is offered at Gary Smorgon House.


Accommodation Costs

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment or a combination of both.

A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. A combination payment includes a partial lump sum and daily payments.

Here is an example of Combination Accommodation Payments of 50% refundable deposit and 50% daily payment:

The room price is $500,000.
Accommodation payment interest is set at 5.72%
The resident pays 50% RAD on admission = $250,000
The remaining 50% ($250,000) paid as a DAP
The ongoing DAP is $39.18 ($250,000 x 5.72% /365 days)

Find detailed accommodation costs for:

Gary Smorgon House

Smorgon Family Nursing Home

Montefiore Homes


Types of Care

Provides support with daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing, moving around and accessing health services. Includes: accommodation, meals, laundry and 24-hour on-call staff support.

Includes the same services as guided support, however catering to those with a higher degree of frailty and in need of clinical nursing care.

Ability to purchase higher levels of personal comfort and more individual lifestyle preferences, such as larger rooms, wider menu choices and wine with meals.

Targeted services with specialised staff and facilities to support people with memory challenges from early to advanced stages.

Support for people with a life-limiting illness to ensure comfort and quality of life with a focus on pain and health management. Addresses the physical, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual needs of the person, their family and carers.

Temporary accommodation for people whose carers are unavailable to meet usual care arrangements due to situations such a stress, illness and holidays, or who just need respite (a break in caring arrangements). People living alone may also choose respite care.

Range of support services to assist people to remain living independently at home for longer. Includes Kesher and BlueStar in-home care services and healthy ageing programs to keep people active and engaged with the community.

Visit the facility pages to find out what level of care suits your needs, or ask us for our Residential Aged Care brochure.

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