Need Help to Get Started

Need Help to Get Started

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What is residential aged care?

Residential aged care supports older people who are no longer able to live at home. Reasons might include illness, bereavement, disability, emergency, the needs of carers or family, or because it is no longer possible to manage at home without help. Residential aged care can be permanent or short-term, the latter is referred to as 'respite'.


Navigating the right path

The decision to enter into residential aged care can be an emotional one. For many individuals and their families, finding the right option can be confusing and overwhelming.

Residential aged care is a complex landscape, with various levels of government funding, eligibility criteria and accommodation types. Jewish Care can help you navigate the right path and settle on the best solution for you and your circumstances.


Flexible care options

Jewish Care is deeply committed to supporting and caring for our older citizens throughout their later years, ensuring that each and every person is comfortable, secure and able to age with dignity and grace. To keep pace with a growing and changing demand, we are continually evolving our residential aged care service offerings to provide even greater options for older people, making Jewish Care a provider of choice regardless of income or care level.


Three easy steps to residential care

  • Step 1 Have you been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)? ACAT conduct an assessment of our care requirements and provide the paperwork for entry to Residential Care for both Respite and Permanent placement. If you need to arrange an appointment call Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 for the contact details of your nearest ACAT.
  • Step 2 Contact Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 to discuss your personal circumstances and the choices available to you at Jewish Care.
  • Step 3 Once your preferences are known to us we will arrange a tour of our Residence that matches your requirement and our friendly staff will discuss our range of services and the costs related to care.


Tailored care plans

We provide flexible care options to meet the needs of our diverse community. We have a range of services and accommodation choices to suit different budgets and preferences.

No matter what layers of support are required, every resident is assured a tailored care plan. Guided Support accommodation options are offered to those who wish to continue living an independent life, but want the reassurance of knowing that necessary support is at hand. Managed Support accommodation gives residents a comprehensive, 24-hour care service. This can include full or partial assistance, taking into consideration a variery of medical, clinical and lifestyle requirements.

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Other resources

Also see the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing booklet '5 Steps to Entry into Residential Aged Care' which is available from Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 or online at under 'Publications'.

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