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And In The News Today...White Ribbon Day 2017

Jewish Care Victoria supports White Ribbon Day. This is our message to help spread the understanding that no form of family violence or violence against women is acceptable. We all must use every breath we take to speak up against violence.

Rising From The Ashes - Hopes and Fears

'Hopes and Fears', the last video in this series, sees our group of Holocaust survivors explaining what hopes and fears they have for future generations and the world they live in. "It's hard to understand that people don't learn from the past" - Eva Migdalek "For the first time after all these years I feel insecure again, not for myself but for my children and grandchildren." - Luba Olenski We hear about the views, beliefs and values they hold dear, which they want to pass on to their children and grandchildren. "You have to learn to accept the things that happen to you." - Marianna Shwarz

Rising From The Ashes - I Am Jewish

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For many who survived the terrors of the Holocaust, questioning ones faith and belief in God, religion and Judaism became a real and profound challenge to face. How do you continue to recognise a God who allowed such tremendous evil to occur? The survivors we interviewed for this fifth video in our series, 'Rising From The Ashes', were asked questions about their Jewish identity, religiosity, and whether what they endured during the Holocaust has changed their core beliefs in Judaism. Their answers may surprise you.

Changing Perceptions - The Things We Do

There is often a common perception that people with disability are unable to do things that the rest of the community are able to do. This video shatters those misconceptions. As you will see, these Jewish Care clients can do anything they set their minds to achieving! "The Things We Do" is the 9th video in this series.

Back On My Feet

Back On My Feet
Being out of work for a long period is a situation we all dread but it is something that can happen to any one of us. Having no income can result in a spiral of other issues such as financial stress, loss of home and relationship breakdowns. Did you know that 20% of the Jewish population of Victoria live at or below the poverty line? How does it make you feel to know that Jewish Care is here to provide those in need with financial aid, financial counselling, and employment and education services to help get people back on track and self-sufficient once again.

Rising From The Ashes - Lack of Humanity

Lack of Humanity is the 4th video in our series 'Rising From The Ashes' where Holocaust survivors talk about the horrific and cold-blooded scenes they witnessed and experienced during the Holocaust.
How did their experiences influence their attitudes towards Germans? How do they feel about the world today?
As Henry Salter says in the opening scene, "If you didn't go through, you couldn't understand."
**Jewish Care warns that this video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers**

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