Rabbinical Services

Rabbinical Services

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Rabbinical Services

The Jewish Life Team is the inspiration behind the values and ethos which underpin and distinguish Jewish Care from other aged and community care providers. We currently have three rabbis on staff who are regularly approached for advice and support on matters of Jewish law affecting all areas of life:

Rabbi Nerenberg- Senior Minister – Gary Smorgon House and Active Living Centre

Rabbi Kohn - Montefiore Homes, Smorgon Nursing Home and Community Services

Rabbi Lange- Munzer Community Residence, Disability Services and Community Aged Care

We uphold a strong sense of history, deep cultural empathy and understanding. Our foundational values, are on one hand quintessentially Jewish and on the other, speak to a universal sense of justice, righteousness, inclusivity and moral responsibility. Jewish Care's Rabbinical services include those surrounding:

  • Religious observance
  • Life cycle events - Births, Bar mitzvahs, Weddings 
  • End of life matters -funerals, minyan prayer services, consecrations

Synagogue Services

The Jewish Life team provide regular Shabbat and festival synagogue services for Jewish Care's clients, residents, family members and guests at the following Jewish Care facilities:


Montefiore Homes Community Residence Synagogue 

Ground Floor

619 St Kilda Road

Melbourne Victoria 3004


note: Shabbat and Festival prayer services begin at 8:45am


Beit Shlomo Shul Gary Smorgon House

4-8 Freeman Street

Caulfield Victoria 3162


note: Shabbat and Festival prayer services begin at 9:15am


The Mark and Dina Munzer Community Residence Synagogue

52-58 Northcote Avenue

Caulfield Victoria 3162


note: Shabbat and Festival prayer services begin at 10:00am


To find out more about rabbinical and synagogue services, contact Jewish Life Services on

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