Jewish Life Services

Jewish Life Services


Cultural identification as a key to wellbeing

Culture is a central part of our identity: it shapes our values, our way of living, our social interactions, our language and even the food we eat.

The community we serve is a diverse, multi-ethnic group encompassing a vast spectrum of religious observance and cultural expression, united by common traditions, heritage and legacy. Understanding and sensitivity to the diverse cultural backgrounds of Jewish people are qualities which set Jewish Care apart in its capacity to meet the needs of our clients.

The Jewish LifeTeam consists of six staff including three Rabbis, an Events and Administration Officer and a Project Officer, who work together to provide care and support to clients, residents and families, volunteers and staff across the organisation. Jewish Life Services also engages a number of Kosher Consultants.

The Jewish Life Team provide:

  • On-site Shabbat and festival synagogue services for residents, family members and guests
  • Jewish festival activities
  • Religous and cultural discussion sessions for residents, clients and staff
  • Pastoral services to on-site residents
  • Assistance with funerals, minyanim and bereavement services
  • Visits to patients in hospitals throughout Melbourne
  • Advice to the CEO and Executive team on cultural and spiritual matters.

Our main areas include

  • Pastoral care
  • Kosher supervision
  • Rabbinical services
  • Cultural and Spiritual programs

The Jewish Life Team have an open door policy. You are always welcome to visit us at Jewish Care, 619 St Kilda Road, Melbourne or email to arrange a time to talk with one of our dedicated staff.


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  • Financial Counselling
  • saver plus
  • Claims Conference
  • Residential Respite Care
  • Job Club
  • Counselling