Eligibility and Access

Eligibility and Access

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Advocating social inclusion

Our focus is to support and empower every person in our community living with a disability to achieve their full potential. Our uniquely Jewish approach gives people with a disability opportunities to discover new ways to grow, participate in the community life and experience independence.


The process

To help with your request for Disability Services at Jewish Care, staff will ask you some questions about your needs for service. If your needs are a match for the programs we offer, Jewish Care will then need to check your eligibility for service, and ensure that you have a disability as defined under the Disabilities Act 2006 and whether you have priority for access to a service.

To determine that you have a disability as defined by the Disabilities Act, we may need to collect information from you in the form of documented evidence such as assessment information, medical records etc.. We will try our best to limit the amount of information you need to provide us with and will ensure we are sensitive to any privacy issues involved in collecting your personal information.

The process for determining eligibility and access to a disability service can take some time. You can expect to be advised of an outcome of your request for service anytime with 6 weeks of your request. The time that it takes to process your request is really determined by how much information which we need to gather/collect from you.

We hope to make your experience with us a very positive one, and look forward to answering any queries you may have.


As part of the process of determining eligibility, Jewish Care will also need to ensure that your primary needs for service are best met through our program, rather than other services such as those for:

  • Children and Young People
  • Mental health Issues
  • Chronic health Issues
  • Ageing Criminal justice

Jewish Care will also consider a range of factors and circumstances in your life that influence your need for supports such as;

  • The need to strengthen or support the role of the family, carer or your support network
  • The need to provide support to ensure your safety and wellbeing as well as that of your, family, carer or the wider community
  • The range of supports your require
  • The immediate and potential benefit of support to reduce the likelihood for more intensive assistance in the future
  • The impact on your well-being, living situation and quality of life should the disability service be unavailable
  • The presence and availability of supports to complement the disability serviceIf the support you require is a mandatory requirement (eg: as part of a justice plan or condition of an order)
  • Intensive Behaviour Support Program - 6-12 years
  • Children's Respite Services - 6-17 years
  • Adult Service - 18-65 years
  • Advocating social inclusion
To find out more about Jewish Care's Disability Services, please contact the Front Door on (03) 8517 5999 or


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