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Our counselling services

Jewish Care provides a professional and caring counselling on a wide range of issues including parenting, relationships, trauma, abuse and mental health. We support individuals, couples, carers, young people, families and seniors.

Although everyone has their own coping strategies to manage life's challenges, sometimes it's beneficial to get professional help.

If you are dealing with a difficult situation, problem or concern, our counsellors can help you to gain clarity, insight and strategies to build resilience and move forward.


How counselling can help

Counsellors assist individuals, couples and families with relationship and parenting challenges and family issues. Our counsellors understand the issues faced by the members of the Jewish community and will work together with you in a safe, professional and relaxed environment.


Length of service

There is no set limit on the length of counselling available to you. In the first few sessions the counsellor will talk to you about your needs and work with you to set some achievable goals which will get reviewed regularly. You may decide to exit the service when you reach your goals, feel more empowered or have developed important life-skills to help you lead a better life.


Priority of access

Priority of access to our counselling service is provided to parents, families with children under 18, women and young people who have experienced domestic violence or abuse and couples experiencing relationship issues.


Broader support options

Jewish Care counsellors can assist with advocacy and referrals to other services. We also consult and partner with other professionals and agencies involved with Jewish clients.



Counselling is a low to no cost service, based on your income and employment status. Fees range from $0-$40 per session. Our fee structure is reviewed annually and changes to the structure may occur.


Hours of operation

Appointments for counselling services can be made during office hours Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Some capacity is offered for after-hours appointments on negotiation.


For more information about our counselling services, please contact

(03) 8517 5999 or

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