Complex Care Support

Complex Care Support


Responding to the diverse needs of our community

Jewish Care is often the first contact point for people seeking assistance. From housing, financial support and counselling to healthy ageing, residential aged care and disability support, the needs of our community members are varied.


The Service Coordination team conducts a holistic assessment of each client's situation and works with clients, families, Jewish Care staff and other organisations to develop the best support/intervention available. Social workers assist clients who require the involvement of multiple services within Jewish Care or from other services in the community due to their complex needs.


Family violence

The important role that faith based, ethno-specific community organisations have in educating, supporting and responding to the needs of their individual communities has been recognised by the Royal Commission into Family Violence (Refer to Vol. V of the Royal Commission into Family Violence Report).


Jewish Care provides end-to end support for families who have experienced family violence. Tailoring services to meet the unique needs of each individual and family, Jewish Care is able to provide direct support to women and children alongside support and active referral for those who perpetrate family violence.


Offerings range from multi-lingual telephone support, safety planning, case management, pro-bono legal advice, family mediation, court support (secular and religious), housing support, financial counselling, service coordination and individual counselling.


Our approach is to assist each client in an individual way, focussing on prioritising her sense of safety, and respecting and supporting the decisions she is making and processing. Coupled with this supportive role, is the provision of information about family violence, planning for safety, strategies for keeping children in mind and ensuring their safety and support needs are being met, and planning how and when to leave.


We will ensure that the pace of the support is set by the women whilst ensuring at the same time, she has information and a clear pathway in the event of a critical incident or an escalation of violence.


Jewish Care is also a provider of family violence community education and primary prevention. Jewish Care’s status as a respected provider of services to those effected by family violence is reflected in our membership and active participation in multiple local area family violence network committees, including:

  • Bayside Peninsula Family Violence Governance Group
  • Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong Family Violence Working Group
  • Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership Family Violence Working Group


Child abuse and neglect

Jewish Care is a partner member of the Child FIRST Family Solutions Bayside Peninsula Alliance.


Jewish Care is the direct entry point to Child FIRST for the Jewish Community as well as an integrated family services provider. Child FIRST is the central referral point to a range of community-based family services and other local supports. It aims to ensure that vulnerable children, young people and their families are linked effectively into relevant services to ensure the safety, stability and development needs of children are met.


Factors which affect a child's safety, stability or development are:

  • Significant parenting problems that may be affecting the child's development
  • Serious family conflict, including family breakdown and family violence
  • Families under pressure due to a family member's physical or mental illness, substance abuse, disability or bereavement
  • Young, isolated and/or unsupported families
  • Significant social or economic disadvantage that may adversely impact on a child's care or development.


As a Child FIRST entry point and Integrated Family Support provider, Jewish Care’s professional social workers provide targeted assessment, advice, consultation and guidance to individual community members, schools, organisations and other professionals about:

  • How to respond to concerns of child abuse or neglect
  • What to consider in deciding whether or not to report to Child Protection
  • Other actions that can be taken


Jewish Care is committed to the prevention, increased awareness and support of victims of child abuse and neglect both past and present.


As an integrated Family Services provider, Jewish Care works directly with parents and families who are having difficulties or would benefit from additional supports re parenting, relationship issues or other family matters.


Jewish Care is an accredited Safeguarding Children organisation.


Helping to create a better life

With a strong focus on helping people towards self-sufficiency, Jewish Care makes it easy for people to access the services they need.


Our programs not only aim to alleviate the conditions of poverty and disadvantage in the community, but also equip people with essential tools to create a better life for themselves.


To discuss your individual needs, please contact the Front Door team on (03) 8517 5999 or

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