Kesher Case Management

Kesher Case Management


Assisting independent living

The Kesher program delivers case management services to older people and people with a disability who have complex support needs and require assistance to continue living independently in their own community.


How Kesher can help you.

Your Case Manager can assist you with:

  • Navigating a complex aged care system
  • Developing a holistic care plan tailored to your unique needs
  • Evaluating your care needs on a regular basis and supporting you in maintaining maximum independence
  • Linking you to other support services in your community
  • Finding the right Direct care worker for you

Accessing Kesher services

You will need to be assessed by Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) in order to determine your eligibility; call Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 and we can provide you with information regarding this process.

If ACAS assess you as being eligible for a care package you can request Jewish Care to be your service provider. Jewish Care will support you in being allocated a care package to suit your specific care needs (depending on package availability).

Find out if you are eligible by contacting Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 or .

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